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ICU Small Animal Rugs Fleece Covers:


Fully Breathable

Polyester/ Cotton

Tear Lock Fabric


Generous leg straps and fabric to allow growth of fleece

Sheep Fleece Covers

Colour: green yellow check on bone back ground
  • ICU Small Animal Rugs Fleece Covers:

    Our fleece covers are different to some other on the market, we have been making these since 2017 with great results.

    Before you place a cover on your sheep you should make sure that the fabric is breathable, this ensure a healthy animal and the results will be  fleece.

    We source our fabric here in Australia and it is also made here, its is made up of polyester and cotton being ripstop so its good for out in the paddocks if they caught the rug on something.

    We have allowed generous leg straps and the circumference of the fabric has been generous.  We have a separate front panel in the front of the cover allowing more freedom of movement and the workmanship making this cover we have reinforce the stitches to make it last.

    We are only making the sizes that are listed, if however you have a larger animal we will accommodate and help you.

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