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Welcome ICU Small Animal Rugs - Australian Made Cattle Coats

ICU Small Animal Rugs commenced operation in 2014 operating out of Tynong in the picturesque setting of West Gippsland, Victoria. We manufacture and supply premium quality small animal rugs including cattle coats, lamb and kid goat coats and covers, calf coats and blankets and more.

For generations, our family has been involved in the farming industry. Over that time we have developed vast experience breeding, rearing and caring for a range of animals.

In the old days, a sick calf would be kept warm with a heavy pollard hessian bag with ties on the front of the bag and a strap at the back. We would also use canvas tarps and old pollard bags sewn together with a bag needle and hay band, and even place hay bales around the animal to keep the weather off them.

However, we realised that these improvised solutions were not as effective as they could be and that’s what led us to develop ICU Small Animal Rugs. All our animal rugs, blankets and jackets have been designed based on specific scenarios that we have experienced over our 60+ years of farming.

We have seen premature and difficult births, hypothermia, pneumonia, dummy calves, injuries, calf scours, milk fever and cows suffering from photosensitivity. While farming today is light years away from what l was brought up with, animals and the conditions they face are still the same. 

Our Cattle Coats & Animal Blankets


Over the years, we have continued to refine the designs for all our small animal rugs. We take fittings from different animals and breeds, ensuring correct fitting for all our rugs. We have dealt with some lovely people that have allowed us to use their animals as templates.

We use fully breathable fabrics designed to wick moisture away from the animal’s skin. For safety reasons, our rugs include no buckles or clips and no belly straps, which can rub on the newborn’s umbilical area.

We pride ourselves on sourcing Australian materials wherever possible. ICU Small Animal Rugs is a proud Australian owned small business that manufactures 100% Australian made products.

From premature calf rugs to full grown cow covers, kid goat rugs to lamb covers, you’ll find the finest quality Australian-made products for sale near you at ICU Small Animal Rugs. Browse the selection and shop online today.

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