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Dual Canvas - Down Cow Rug

We are very pleased to add to our range of ICU Small Animal Rugs: 

A Multipurpose Cow Canvas - Down Cow Rug 

We have added to our Cow Canvas Rug to make it even better for the cow that becomes unwell

Our design is different to other cow rugs in that l wanted to make a rug that sat with less pressure to key areas of the animal. This includes less weight on and over the animals pins and nerves in this area,   without pulling tight on the hips and shoulders whilst moving.


How to measure your animal for an ICU Canvas Cow Rug

​To measure your animal for our ICU Canvas Cow Rug, take your measurement from around 3 inches (7.6 cm) infront of the shoulders, along the spine to their dock.


Let's start with the animals shoulder's and the top of their dock.

We have added a generous amount of fluff padding that will help stop rubbing and help to alleviate any pressure points to these very important areas on your animal.

 If you place this rug on your animal and it may be a little bit large the padding will also help in these areas, along with helping when the animal is walking and grazing. This should refrain the rug from moving too much, stopping discomfort to the animal.

Measure Your Animal
Animal Rug

Unique Design Front Attachments On Our Dual Cow Canvas - Down Cow Rug

ICU Small Animal Rugs

The front attachment that is placed on all of our
Cow Canvas - Down Cow Rugs

This new design front attachment is going to allow you more choices when placing one of our ICU rugs on your animal. Using the attachment you can place the front strap to accommodate the fit of your animal chest and shoulders, making it a better fit with different framed cows.

ICU Small Animal Rugs - Down Cow

ICU Small Animal Rugs
Insert for when you have A Down Cow

As you can see by the pictures above this simple looking infill works extremely well when you have a cow that is down.

Experience has shown me that one of the worst things to do when you are faced with a cow that is down, is to restrict their movement or their attempts at moving either by rocking forward, crawling or trying to stand.

When the cow gets to this point you don't want them loosing their confidence in the ability of trying to get up.

What happens with this infill is that when the cow places pressure against the insert there are two strong magnets that are sewn in each side that will come apart. If the cow gets up the insert will stop in place. However, if this is not the case and she is still placing pressure against the insert, the velcro will come apart how she will not suffer from putting pressure against her chest.

Attach Cow Canvas Rug

How to attach the insert to the Canvas Rug

To attached the insert is quite easy. A couple of ways to attach it are:

1.  Double sided velcro running through each slot

2.  Or the second way which is less fiddly would be to use small zip ties

You must go through each and every slot when you have decided how you are going to attach the insert. The reason behind this is that the front of the canvas rug and the insert must be able to sit straight and even, so that it will take a certain amount of pressure before the zip effect of it coming undone.

Both velcro and zip ties will be supplied with the rug.

Hind straps and the cut around the pins on our
ICU Small Animal Rugs

Canvas Cow Rug - Down Cow Rug

Why ICU Small Animal Rugs believes that the fit of the hind of the rug is just as important as the fit at the front of a rug.

Canvas Cow Rug - Down Cow Rug
Hind straps

When the design of this rug was taking shape, there were so many areas of research to take into account.  We wanted a rug that could be left on the cow whilst being milked without infering with milking cups being placed on at milking time. The canvas needed to be a good length for coverage, but not too long that it would have buckles and side clips that would catch on gate ways walking on and off or into the dairy. I don't beleive that cows like to be covered up over their legs as they need to try and place them to get up without extra weight on them, this in return could stop some cows from trying to get up.

You can see in the pictures above that what has worked so amazingly well is having 2 hind 2" straps of high grade webbing that threads into good strong 2" D-Rings that have a full weld at the join. We have made it even better by placing the D-Rings going diagonally on the rug.  This has made the rug sit even, minimizing the movement around the cows body. The D-Rings are strategically sewn inside the rug in case your cow is bullying or being bullied, that there are not any straps that a cow can get caught on.

The cut on top of the tail dock area in a "U" shape - just like on all of the ICU Small Animal Rugs products. The reasoning behind this is to take off pressure along the spinal cord and nerves in this area. An ill fitting rug could could problems in this area and to the animals well being.

Dual Canvas - Down Cow Rug

Pleats over the hips of the Rug

Our pleats are different to any other cow rug. We have incorporated 2 pleats, with the first starting from the hind going upwards toward the hip and the second coming from the hem upwards to nearly meeting the first.

This gives the rug a tent fitting effect over the hips of the cow to alleviate rubbing and pulling, as they may have a very long walk to the dairy and again a long walk back to a paddock. 

This is why we have made our rugs to be customisable to suit the differing frames of animals as well as different sizes to suit all animals.

Inside of our ICU Small Animal Rugs

Dual Canvas - Down Cow Rugs

The placing of the Heat Pad Pockets

in aid of an unwell cow


The idea of placing pockets for heat in animal rugs is nothing new to us. We have been doing it since 2014 when l started manufacturing ICU Small Animal Rugs. Our success speaks for itself with newborn animals calves, lambs and kid goats and the return business of many customers from around the world.

l am so excited with this rug and the relief that it will bring to the animal and the farmer. There are four pockets in total: 2 pockets on both inner sides of the rug that will hold up to 3 heat pads each.

The diagram above shows where the pockets sit underneath the rug. The first one sits just under the spinal cord as under it is some of the cows major organs such as the kidneys, liver, gallbladder and the large intestine. The second set of pockets are so important covering the major nerves that get damaged during difficult births, or when the cow looses her footing in the dairy and goes down doing the splits as well as during any number of things.  

I can speak from personal exprenice of nerve damage to my own sciatic nerve that what helped me was hot water bottles and the use of a heat gel.

Our ICU Small Animal Rugs have been tested now for years and placing heat from heat pads onto newborn animals has proven safe without the worry of over heating the animal, and the warmth of blood circulating around the body of the animal helps mend the damage that has been done. If you are using this rug as a down cow rug and the cow is down it is very easy to access the pockets on this rug, by simply undoing the back straps and opening the rug up. As the heat pads can last up to 10-14 hours you do not have to worry about continuously changing the pads. 

With the cut of this rug, you will find that the rug will follow the cow when you are turning her over and will stop in place. If you have a cow that has been down and she gets up after the insert has opened, the rug will simply come off as she walks forward without the worry of getting caught up in straps.

If a cow goes down you can bet it happened in the worst possible place. If you leave your cow outside with our ICU rug on, it won't matter too much what she is lying on as our rug is made out of 12% canvas with the liner being 80% wool, which is a great barrier against the cold and moisture rising upwards from the ground keeping her dry and warm.


We are very proud of the fact that you are able to use this rug for so many different scenarios on your cows. It is a multipurpose rug that has been design by an Australian Farmer - an Australian Owned & Made Business in Gippsland Victoria-Australia.


​Our Dual Canvas Cow - Down Cow Rug

​Price starts at $270.00 + GST AUD for a 4'0 rug and sizes for Brown Swiss Cattle, Holstein Cattle and rugs made to fit up to a 1.000kg Beef Animal price $370.00 + GST AUD


In Summary

​We are very proud of the fact that you are able to use this rug for so many different scenarios on your cows. It is a multipurpose rug that has been design by an Australian Farmer - an Australian Owned & Made Business in Gippsland Victoria-Australia.​​​

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