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Calf Coats & Blankets

The ICU Small Animal Rugs selection of calf coats and blankets are carefully designed to protect delicate newborn calves.

When calves are young, especially during their first few weeks, they need all the help they can get to regulate their body heat. Calves are particularly susceptible to hypothermia and pneumonia since they have had time to develop weight and immunity. Cold weather can also slow their growth.

Keeping them warm during cold weather can literally mean a difference between life and death.  Our calf blankets and cattle coats help protect your calves from the weather, acting like a high-quality raincoat. They are waterproof, moisture wicking and breathable with a lining designed to keep them warm. They also feature pockets for heat pads in case they need extra warmth.

They are designed to provide all you need to keep your calves warm and healthy in the coldest of temperatures. Though warmth is the goal, the material is also breathable, so you need not worry about them overheating.

We ensure all our calf blankets and cow covers are manufactured to be completely durable, so you can count on them to keep your cows and calves warm for a very long time. Take a look at the options available for your animals today.

Canvas Calf Blankets


Calves are warm blooded creatures, so it is vital that they maintain their body temperature year round. This can be difficult during the winter months, and failure to do so can cause what is known as cold stress.

Cold temperatures can lead to hypothermia, slowing down physiological and metabolic processes.  During cold weather, you will often see a calf hunch over with its head down. This can be a sign of cold stress, which can lead to hypothermia.

Besides negatively impacting your animal's health, cold stress can also greatly impact your budget. As their body temperature drops, a calf will eat more to try to increase their energy. This leads to higher feed costs for you.

If extra feed is not available, the cows will lose weight, which leads to losing any fat they have stored. As that fat decreases, the body will have to work harder to maintain temperature, resulting in even more lost weight.

One way to meet these requirements is with the use of calf blankets or a calf  ICU Small Animal Rugs has just the calf canvas rug for you.

They are made from 12oz. canvas that is both waterproof and moisture wicking- both of which keep your calves dry. They are windproof, keeping any cold drafts from affecting their body temperature. They are also easy to keep clean.

By using a canvas calf rug, you will be helping keep your animals' body temperatures up. And while you will likely still need an increased amount of food, ICU's products can prevent that increase from going too high. They will also help you keep your animals healthy, making them an incredible investment.

At ICU Small Animal Covers, we manufacture and supply a range of specialty animal covers for sale near you. Our range includes lamb and kid goat covers and coats, calf jackets, cow covers, and more. Browse the selection and shop online with confidence.

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