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Kid Goat Covers

Keep Your New Born Kids Warm And Dry In Our Soft Shell Rugs

When looking for something to keep your kids dry and warm, ICU Small Animal Rugs has a unique solution for you. The kid goats rugs are an outstanding options to provide everything you are looking for.

The kid goats coats are created with ultra lightweight material to not put too heavy of a load on the newborn. And they are designed in such a way that the kid goats can get around easily. With no restrictions on the legs and no weight on the tail, the kid goats are able to move without inhibitions.

There are no straps across the belly area. This leaves the mother able to groom her newborn kid goats while air circulates freely.

The lack of belly straps also provides two more benefits. The first is that nothing will be rubbing up against the umbilical cord, which can greatly irritate and cause infections to this area.  the male kids will not accidentally urinate on a belly straps, this is more hygienic less chance of causing infections.

The material of the kid goats coats is also waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It simultaneously provides warmth, quick-drying capabilities, and a barrier from the wind. They have been mould or bacteria treated, and they are easy to clean. As the material is also breathable, you can have peace of mind that while you are warming the kid goats, they will not overheat. For additional warmth, you can choose the kid rugs with a pouch to place a heat pad for extra heating sources.

Kid goat covers are great options for any farmer looking to increase their kid goats' chances of survival and provide a greater level of comfort. Give your kid goats the advantage of a healthy start with goat coats from ICU Small Animal Rugs' selection.

Kid Goat Covers
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