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Canvas Calf Rugs

Our ICU Small Animal Canvas calf rugs have proven very popular with our farmers.  The trim on our canvas rugs matches up with our soft shell calf rugs.  Financially these rugs are cheaper than our soft shell, but still maintains the high standard of workmanship has not wavered from our other calf rugs.

Made from 12oz rip stop canvas with an woollen liner, these rugs will see the distance of wear and tear making them an excellent investment.

We have made the front strap and buckle of generous length along with extra length on the leg straps, this allow for more growth from your rug.

The sizes are also that bit larger than our soft shell rugs and the extra large is ideal for your weaned calves out in the paddock.


The reason behind making canvas rugs:

  • You mightn't have shedding

  • You need to rug a calf on a cow

  • You rear calves outdoors requiring a good strong rug with fencing

The other reason is that you place so much work on rearing your calves and when sometimes you tipped out your calves, you may get 1 or 2 come down unwell.

Other farmer are placing these rugs on to acclimatise their calves and to stop them dropping back to much saving all of that hard work of rearing that have gone into them.

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