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Measurement Charts

Measurement Charts Below How To Take Measurements For Your Animals

When measuring your animals, and this applies for all of ICU Small Animal Rugs with the exclusion of our Cow Photosensitivity Rugs.

Start your measurement in front of the animals wither see (A) and run your tape measure along the spine to the start of the tail dock (B)

Please Note on cow rugs measure 50mm in front of the wither

Cow Measurement
Premature Calf Rugs Measurement

The calf table below covers - Premature Calf Rugs - Soft Shell Calf Rugs and Canvas Calf Rugs

Please note:  Our Canvas Calf Rugs are more generous in size.  Our extra large is considerably larger

Miniature Lambs Measurement

Table below is for Miniature Kids and Miniature Lambs

Lambs and Kids Measure

Below table is for Lambs and Kids

Sheep Measure

Taking measurements off your sheep are a little bit different.  To start your measurement from (A.) make sure that you try and take it in front of the point of shoulder see above. You will never get a fleece cover that will see your sheep from shearing to being shorn the next season.  We allow extra length of leg straps to let out and elastic over the wither and hind

Goat Rug Measure

Table below is the size chart for Goats. This is for soft shell and Canvas Goat Rugs. Also the same for Goat Rugs with leg straps

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