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ICU Small Animal Rugs:  12oz Canvas Calf Rug


12oz Navy Canvas Fully Woolen Lined - with coloured trim to match the sizes of all ICU calf rugs

extra small   (pink trim)

small            (purple trim)

medium       (orange trim)

large            (green trim)

extra large   (blue trim)


Fully waterproof/windproof and breathable, with a woollen liner making it lovely and warm.

 The ideal rug for your calf, this rug is different to any others calf rugs it's made to fit the conformation and the balance of the rug is best to none.  With generous leg straps also front buckle and strap you will get extra mileage of wear out of this rug.  This rug is ideal out in the weather elements or under cover.


This is a great investment and should see many seasons of wear.

Calf Rug - Canvas


    You will go a long way to find a sturdier calf rug made for the outdoors or indoors.

    1.  12 oz rip stop canvas - Australian Made, Bacterial and mould treated

    2.  Fully woollen lined rug

    3.  Stronger leg straps with reinforcement stitching 

    4.  Front buckle and strap allows for longer wear with plenty of room to  

          adjust for extra wear as your calf grows 

    5.  Fully breathable

    6.  Waterproof/windproof

    Not everyone has sheds to raise their calves in, one of the reason why ICU Small Animal Rugs started producing a Canvas Rug.  They are resilient against wear and tear, adverse weather conditions and will keep your calf warm to maintain its body core temperature being made from cotton and wool you cannot get a better natural breathable rug.

    Farmers rave about these rugs being a multi-purpose rug.  Great for tipping your calves out of the shed and if the weather is fowl pop one of these rugs on.

    Weaning calves is another scenario use for these rugs, you have put in the hard work of raising your calves and are looking amazing and you tipped them outside.  Often you can have 1 or 2 dropped back in condition or will get sick.  This is why we have made our extra large rugs that bit bigger to accommodate for weaned calves.

    Coloured coded to matched the colours of our soft shell calf rugs

    Navy canvas with trims of

    extra small - pink binding

    small - mauve binding

    medium - orange binding

    large - mint green binding

    extra large - sky blue binding

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