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Our Dual Canvas Down Cow Cow is the first of its kind in the world.

When farmers come back and tell you this rug is a game changer, you know that you have designed something special.


12 oz canvas fully woollen lined, waterproof, windproof and fully breathable, no pressure points, can leave it on 24/7 walk in walk out of the dairy without removing it.

13 different sizes we pride ourselves on manufacturing of well fitted rugs to suit the animals conformation to avoid scoreness.

If you have cattle this is a must to have in your kit, you only have to save one cow and this rug will keep on giving you the best possible care for your animals.

Cow Rug - Dual Purpose Down Cow Rug

  •                  World First Dual Canvas - Down Cow Rug

    We are very excited that our World First Dual Canvas - Down Cow Rug is going from strength to strength out in the farming community.

    With a tremendous amount of research and development of our new rug is to ensure the greatest comfort to the animal with long lasting wear.

    Some Of The New Exciting Points

    1.  We have gone the extra mile mile and produce 13 different sizes to suit almost any animal.  From 4'0 through to 1000kg Beef Cattle

    2.  Our canvas is 12oz which is waterproof/windproof and fully breathable, and the canvas is made here in Australia

    3.  The rug is fully lined with a 80% woollen blanket

    4.  We have designed a new front attachment giving you more choices to allow for different conformation on the chest of your animal.  This new front was design to fit to fit a fillin if you have a cow that is down.  Please look at the photos above.  This is an easy infill in to attached and instructions come when you purchase a rug.  The reason behind having a device that will come undo when your cow wants or try's to get up it will come undone.  

    5.  This in return will not restricted the cow around her neck and for her not to loose her confidence trying to get up.  The rug if she gets up will slipped backwards not getting her legs caught.

    6.  We have incorporated 4 pockets that each will contain 3 heat pads.  There are 2 of these pockets on each side of the rug, please referr to the photo above.  These pockets have been placed in strategy point of the animals nerves and organs.

    7.  Front of the neck line will not strech out of shape, there is generous amount of padding over the shoulder pins and their hind pins.

    8.  The pleating on our rugs are another first, our rugs don't sit and hugged the animal, the rug sits over the animal and is properly balanced right down to the 2 hind straps.

    9.  This rug you can use in all scenario's you may find yourself with a sick cow, milk fever, difficult birth, caesarean section, pneumonia and a cow that has gone down in the dairy with her hind legs splayed apart.  The list is endless as we all know what we can be face with on a daily base.

    This rug will come with 12 heat pads, there will be instructions on the use of heating inside this rug as you can only use human heat pads.

    We do not recommend this rug for your Pet Steers (18 months and over) and we will not supply you unfortunately. 



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