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Why a ICU Small Animal Rug Could Be One Of The Best Investments For Your Newborns Animals


In these packs there are the same size rugs of:

4 x extra small

4 x small

4 x medium

4 x large

4 x extra large

with each pack there are 24 heat pads 


Our lamb rug outer shell is light weight waterproof/windproof and fully breathable, with the liner being a soft double-sided thermal layer that wicks moisture away from the lamb’s body, keeping your lamb dry. The rugs soft fabric moulds to the lamb’s body without allowing draughts underneath. 


You can place the rug on a lamb: 

  • still covered in amniotic fluid 

  • born in the wet

  • suffering from hypothermia 

  • premature birthed  

  • miss mothered 

  • multiple birthed   

  • covered with mud  


The rug is fully washable and has been treated against mould and bacteria and will be ready to aid in the health of your lambs' time and time again. 


  • What makes ICU Small Animal Rugs stand out with helping and aiding newborn animals


    Here Are Some Of The Features That Farmers Global Have Been More Than Happy With Including Survival Rates With


    • Hypothermia
    • Pneumonia
    • Premature Birth
    • Multiply Births
    • Low Birth Rates
    • Scours
    • Miss Mothering
    • Poddy Feeding
    • Difficult Birthing
    • Adverse Weather

Lamb Rugs - Same Size Multi Pack - Allrounder

  • Washing Instructions

    • Gentle Machine Wash or Hand Wash
    • Only use Liquid Detergent
    • Can Use Liquid Washing Detergent
    • Do Not Use Fabric Softener
    • Do Not Use Any Bleach
    • Do Not Dry Clean
    • Do Not Tumble Dry
    • Hang Out to Dry

    You can add to your wash ¾ cup of White Vinegar to your wash if you have a bug or scours in your pens.

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