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Why a ICU Small Animal Rug Could Be One Of The Best Investments For Your Newborns Animals


This pack contains

1 x extra small 

1 x small

1 x medium

1 x large

Total of 24 heat packs

Our lamb rug outer shell is light weight waterproof/windproof and fully breathable, with the liner being a soft double-sided thermal layer that wicks moisture away from the lamb’s body, keeping your lamb dry. The rugs soft fabric moulds to the lamb’s body without allowing draughts underneath. 


You can place the rug on a lamb: 

  • still covered in amniotic fluid 

  • born in the wet

  • suffering from hypothermia 

  • premature birthed  

  • miss mothered 

  • multiple birthed   

  • covered with mud  


With a heat pad inserted in the pouch, our unique fabric will wick the wet lamb underneath the rug dry whilst aiding in warming up its core body temperature. 


The rug is fully washable and has been treated against mould and bacteria and will be ready to aid in the health of your lambs' time and time again. 


Lamb Starter Pack with Pouch for Heat Pads

  • What makes ICU Small Animal Rugs stand out with helping and aiding newborn animals
    Here Are Some Of The Features That Farmers Global Have Been More Than Happy With Including Survival Rates With
    • Hypothermia
    • Pneumonia
    • Premature Birth
    • Multiply Births
    • Low Birth Rates
    • Scours
    • Miss Mothering
    • Poddy Feeding
    • Difficult Birthing
    • Adverse Weather
    Unique Design With Own Heat Source
    • No Fire Risk With Building's Being Burnt Down And Loss Of Livestock
    • Reduce Your Labour Requirement Caring For Unwell Lambs And Or Orphan Lambs
    • Rugs Are Design To Work With/Without Heat Source
    • Less Veterinary Medication Expenses And Visits
    The Rug Design With Sewn In Pouch
    We have incorporated a pouch inside of the rug situated over the kidney's where you can place a one time use heat pad. This will warm gently and not stress or place the newborn into shock and will warm the blood going through its kidney's, and circulate that warm blood through the newborn's body.
    We supply 16 heat pads when you purchase this lamb pack and you can purchase more from ICU Small Animal Rugs or purchase on line, a supermarket or Chemist Shop.
    But they must be HUMAN heat pads.
    Do Not use any heating devices that comes out of a microwave, heated with hot water or instant snap heat pads. As you cannot regulate the temperature of these devices. It could be harmful to your animal through overheating, burning or a worst other products could cause death.
    The Advantages And Design Of The Rug
    • The outer shell is a 3 layer laminated fabric that is waterproof, windproof and breathable
    • The odourless liner is a double sided thermal fabric that has been bacteria and mould treated with excellent wicking taking moisture from the skin
    • The only rug that you can place with confidence on a newborn still fresh from being born covered with Amniotic Fluid simply by placing an ICU Small Animal Rug on and inserting a heat pad into the pouch. The lamb will dry underneath the rug whether the lamb is undercover or out in the paddock with it's birthmother. Because of the 2 fabric together with the wicking advantages of the rug the lamb will dry quickly without any body heat being lost.
    • This rug looks very simple in design but there was a lot of research to achieve the end result. On the front of the rug there is a 4 way stretch UV fabric that has been bacteria and mould treated. This front fabric has been perfect for the fast growth rate in lambs allowing that extra stretch, also this allows the lamb to be able to stretch out their front legs without interference of being restricted by straps. Newborns need to be able to get up and keep up with their birth mother.
    • Our rugs do not have any straps around the belly of newborns. This stops the rubbing to the umbilici cord hence reducing infections and allowing air and the birth mother access.
    • With all of ICU Small Animal Rugs we have designed each rug in the shape of a "U" at the tail area (top of the tail dock) for easy access for the birth mother to I.D. her offspring
    • Legs straps on our Kid Goats and Lamb Products we use a high tension elastic that is attached to D ring. Placing a rug on a lamb or kid is so easy all you have to do is pull the hind legs through the leg loops and pull to get the correct tension. Again by using this elastic it allows growth without having to worry being too tight.
    Washing Instructions And Care Of This Rug
    By simple care this rug should last you many years giving you an extremely cost effective option in the treatment and care of you animals.
    There is no back seam along the spine of the rug this prevents water leaking through the seam.
    Please follow the washing instructions below
    • Machine wash on Gentle or Delicate or Hand Wash
    • Use only LIQUID DETERGENT Powder detergent will block up the membranes and effect this rug performance
    • Never use Fabric Softener
    • You can use Dishwashing Liquid
    • Do Not Tumble Dry
    • Do Not Use Bleach
    • Do Not Dry Clean
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