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ICU Small Animal Premature Calf Rug  Is The Original Premature Calf Rug

Our premature calf rug is that extra special for premature calves that are born premature.  Outer shell is light weight waterproof/windproof and fully breathable it is a 4 layer fabric giving what your calf needs most when born premature extra warmth, with the liner being a soft double-sided thermal layer that wicks moisture away from the calf's body, keeping your calf dry. The rugs soft fabric moulds to the calf's body without allowing draughts underneath. 


Don't ride your premature calves off, even your very small jersey calves this rug is a game changer with farmers tick of approval.

New fabric colour blue


You can place the rug on a calf: 

  • still covered in amniotic fluid 

  • born in the wet

  • suffering from hypothermia 

  • premature birthed  

  • miss mothered 

  • multiple birthed   

  • covered with mud  


The rug is fully washable and has been treated against mould and bacteria and will be ready to aid in the health of your calf time and time again. 

Premature Calf Rugs - Twin Pack with Pouch for Heat Pad

  • What Are Some Of The Features That Makes The ICU Small Animal Rugs Unique And Distinctive To Any Other Rug Currently On The Market
    Helps Increase Survival Rates With Unique Design With Own Heat Source
    • Hypothermia                               * No Fire Risk
    • Low Birth Weight                      * Reduce Your Labour Looking
    • Premature Births                         looking after unwell calves
    • Premature Births                      * Rugs Design To Work  
    • Difficult Calving                           With/Without Heat Source
    • Scours                                            * Less Veterinary Visits And 
    • Injuries                                              Medication 
    • Poddy Feeding
    • Adverse Weather Conditions
    Heat Pads
    Every rugs comes with six single heat pads.
    PLEASE READ the instructions very carefully before use.
    Only use the ICU Small Animal Rugs heat pads that are provided with your rug OR you can purchase heat pads from a Chemist, Sporting Outlet as long as you purchase a human heat pads.
    Do Not Use Any Other Heating Methods Inside The Pouch Of This Rug
    Do not use any heating device that comes out of a microwave, heated with hot water or instant snap heat pads. You cannot regulate the temperature of these devices. It could harm your animal through overheating, burning or at worst other products could cause death.
    The Advantages Of The Rug
    • The outer shell is a 3 layer laminated fabric that is waterproof, windproof and breathable.
    • The odourless liner is a double sided thermal fabric that wicks moisture from the skin and circulates the animals body heat.
    • The rug is mould resisted less likely hood of disease germinating.
    • A pouch has been incorporated inside the rug over the kidney's where l believe the animal will benefit most.
    • A single use heat pad can be placed inside the pouch if required. These heat pads will give the calf continuous heat up to 12 hours.
    • They do not cover or restrict the umbilical area of the newborn, less likelihood of infections. Along with bull calves not urine on belly straps.
    • If the calf is feeding from it's birthmother a "U" has been designed at the top of the tail area to allow the birthmother easy access to I.D her calf.

    The ICU Small Animal Rug would be one of the few rugs designed to make sure that the newborn skin can breathe even if you roughly towel the calf dry if needed you can place the rug on the calf and the liner will wick the excess moisture from the calf.

    Our rugs have been correctly fitted and balanced to a calf's size.  Your calf needs freedom of movement, you do not need a rug that has belly straps that restricts movements and your calf may get caught up in.  

    Taking Care Of Your ICU Small Animal Rug
    With simple care, this rug should last you many seasons, giving you an extremely cost effective option in the treatment and care of your animals.
    There is no back seam along the spine of the rug to remove the risk of water leaking through the seam.
    Summary Of The ICU Small Animal Rugs
    These rugs look very simple in their design, this was a meant to be. It took a few years to find the correct fabric and the right heat source for the rug.
    I don't believe in bells and whistles, only more things that can go wrong with the rug. These rugs are made to last and be cost effective asset to your production of more live newborns.
    I know that these rugs will help you keep your calf warm and if unwell, they can place their energy into healing and not using extra energy in keeping warm.
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